Museum and Exhibition Design 



We have the design expertise to take projects from concept to full realisation. Collaborating with clients and creative partners, we design entire visitor experiences, including exhibits, object displays, graphics, way-finding, multimedia and audio-visual elements.



Concept Development

In the early stages of projects our designers create compelling concept designs and visualisations that enable us to work with our clients to test ideas and generate agreement. From creative concepts to visitor flow diagrams, we ensure there is a strong foundation in place for future design phases.

Creative Collaboration

Successful cultural projects are all about teamwork and collaboration – working with content experts, stakeholders, architects and technical specialists. We fully understand the role everyone needs to play and are highly skilled at producing design briefs that make project delivery smooth and cost-effective.

Project Delivery

We also know that creativity and innovation succeed best when coupled with rigour and attention to detail. We are experts at overseeing design and content production – ensuring we deliver an exceptional visitor experience.

Find out about our other services:

Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

We have completed the world's largest museum project – a complex of four brand new museums in Kuwait City for which we developed the overall vision, led gallery and exhibit design, and created all content and interpretation.

Atturaif Visitor Reception Centre

The historical precinct of Addiriyah is one of the most important national heritage sites of Saudi Arabia, being the capital of the First Saudi State. It is a designated World Heritage Site, inscribed in 2010.