Content and Interpretation



Our process places the visitor at the heart of the project. Whether we are creating an interpretive plan for a heritage site, re-imagining an object-rich gallery, or creating a brand new museum, our approach always involves respect for cultural heritage and an openness to involve visitors.



Interpretive Planning

One of the key elements to a successful visitor experience is to create a clear, engaging and interesting narrative. From this we develop the major themes, sub-themes and messages that are essential to the success of any cultural experience.

We create stories and experiences that engage every visitor by creating a mix of exhibits, objects and interactives that are relevant to the audience and faithful to the institution’s vision, collection and objectives.

Content Development and Research

We develop narratives and exhibition content by working closely with curators, subject experts, academics and specialists. We are experienced in identifying, sourcing and creating content – from small artefacts and exhibits to major multimedia experiences.

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Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

We have completed the world's largest museum project – a complex of four brand new museums in Kuwait City for which we developed the overall vision, led gallery and exhibit design, and created all content and interpretation.

Exhibition of the Enlightened King

We developed the content and scheme design for this exhibition telling the story of the 13th century Vietnamese King Tran Nhan Tong and the Vietnamese Buddhism Sect that he established.

The Alamo, Texas, Living History © Texas General Land Office

Interpreting the Alamo

We're developing a Comprehensive Interpretive Masterplan for the Alamo, one of America's most iconic heritage sites. This includes content research, interpretive planning, collections development and museum masterplanning.