War Horse: Fact & Fiction



Client:          National Army Museum
Location:     London, United Kingdom
Timescale:   2012 - 2013

The National Army Museum (NAM) is the British army’s central museum, charged with relating the overall history of the British and Commonwealth Armies from the Norman Conquest up to the present day.  Located in Chelsea, Central London, the NAM has a track record of staging highly successful special exhibitions - the most successful to date being War Horse: Fact & Fiction based on Michael Morpurgo’s book (1981) and subsequent adaptations for theatre (National Theatre, 2007 to present) and film (Disney/Spielberg, 2011).  War Horse: Fact & Fiction ran from October 2011 until April 2013.

In November 2012, Cultural Innovations was appointed by the NAM to carry out a considered Feasibility Study into the potential of turning War Horse: Fact & Fiction into a successful, international touring exhibition thereby adding to the overall NAM offer.  The study provided critical recommendations and an outline international touring schedule, together with a full economic viability and market analysis for the entire three to five year run of the touring programme and ultimate return to London. 

The Final Report was submitted to the NAM’s senior management team in March 2013 and, following further analysis and negotiations with key stakeholders and other interested parties, the NAM entered into negotiations to tour War Horse: Fact & Fiction.

War Horse © Cultural Innovations
War Horse © Cultural Innovations