Strategy and Masterplanning 



We develop strategies and masterplans for cultural and heritage projects. We help define the client’s vision for the project and, based on rigorous research we then create robust feasibility studies, options appraisals and plans that provide answers to their strategic requirements. 



Working closely with the client team and subject experts, we develop strategic timelines and capital budgets for projects and examine various delivery options and methods of procurement. We advise on suitable modes of governance, ownership and management structures and address how cultural and heritage projects can raise, receive and invest funds.

We translate the project vision into architectural briefs and organise international architectural procurement processes.

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West Kowloon Cultural District

Cultural Innovations was commissioned in August 2009, to carry out an exhaustive international study of museum and exhibition centre governance structures and best practice throughout Europe, Asia and North America. We were assisted in this task by exhibition centre experts ECL. 

Jameel Arts Centre

Cultural Innovations was appointed in 2013 by Art Jameel to assist in establishing the initial project strategy and development plan. We continued our engagement up to 2015, overseeing the architectural competition won by Serie Architects, subsequently assisting Art Jameel in the design management of the building. The Jameel Arts Centre will open to the public in winter 2018.