Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

Client:          Alghanim International
Location:     Kuwait City, Kuwait
Timescale:   2013 - 2018

Cultural Innovations was appointed in 2013 to develop the vision, content and exhibition design for the world’s largest cultural project - the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre.

Using our wealth of experience in museums, culture, science and attractions development, the Cultural Innovations team has curated a modern and immersive series of museums with enormous breadth, not constrained by existing collections, delivering content and experiences that are directly relevant to the people of Kuwait. Opened in 2018 on a 13-hectare site in the Al-Sha’ab district of Kuwait City, the cultural centre includes a: 

The museum complex houses 23 galleries in over 22,000 square metres, presenting over 800 exhibits and experiences. To deliver the project we assembled a team of over 140 people, with 30 content specialists focused on interpretation and content development, and 25 exhibition designers with additional expertise for graphics, lighting and audio-visual development. Our extensive range of experts were assembled from universities, zoos, botanic gardens, museums and organisations such as the European Space Agency to provide advice and to ensure scientific facts and interpretation are correct.

Using leading-edge technology, immersive environments, large-scale models and compelling interactivity across all four museums, the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salam Cultural Centre will provide an exciting range of attractions as well as a fresh new learning approach for Kuwaitis.

To deliver this landmark project Cultural Innovations worked in collaboration with architects SSH Design and contractors Alghanim International and Beck.

Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre building © SSH