Royal Botanic Garden



Client:          Royal Botanic Garden, Jordan (RBGJ)
Location:     Tal al-Rumman, Jordan
Timescale:   2014 - 2016

This unique 400 acre garden is located in the mountains about 25km north of the capital city Amman and is easily accessible from the Amman to Irbid highway.  The site benefits from its proximity to other key attractions in Jordan, forming a natural stopping point in the international visitor journey from Petra in the south, on to Karak and Amman and thereafter to Jerash in the north.  Here in the northern part of the Jordan Valley’s highland ridge it enjoys a Mediterranean climate, receives some of Jordan’s greatest rainfall and includes traditional woodland habitats that have been protected from grazing for eight years.  

The mission of the RBGJ is to ensure native flora conservation through ecological restoration and provide a research and demonstration site to address the environmental challenges of our times and generate hope for the future.  In 2013, Hugo Bugg Landscapes, the award winning garden and landscape design consultancy, was approached by RBGJ to create a strategic framework for the development of the Garden.  In addition, the Garden aspires to become one of the major visitor attractions in Jordan for both domestic and international visitors, and in 2014, Cultural Innovations was appointed by the RBGJ to assist in carrying out a visitor and economic market analysis study for the Garden. This was extended in 2015 to include the preparation of a business plan and fundraising strategy for the RBGJ.

Royal Botanic Garden © Harris Bugg Studio
Royal Botanic Garden © Harris Bugg Studio