Palestinian Museum

Client:          Taawon-Welfare Association
Location:     Birzeit, West Bank, Palestine
Timescale:   2010 - 2012

The Palestinian Museum is developed as a ‘trans-national’ institution providing a coordinating reference point for all Palestinians.

The physical centre is an 8,000 m2 museum located on a prominent hilltop site within the campus of Birzeit University near Ramallah in the West Bank. The museum was developed in phases with the first phase of 3,500 m2 opened in 2015.
The museum will be the centre for coordinating access to research on Palestine and Palestinian history, developing its own exhibitions and hosting visiting exhibitions.

The museum in Birzeit will be complemented by branches within the West Bank and Gaza. Longer term plans to establish International Centres will provide locations for the co-ordination of international exhibitions and direct contact with Palestinian communities worldwide.

A website and other virtual components will provide a platform for cultural exchange between researchers, users and with the Museum.

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