Museum of Arab Culture



Client:          Museum of Arab Culture Trust Board
Location:     Nürnberg, Germany
Timescale:   2010 - 2013

Cultural Innovations was appointed by the Board of the Museum of Arab Culture in early 2010 to undertake a Strategic Review with the aim of identifying and presenting recommendations towards a feasible, sustainable concept for the proposed institution.

In 2011 we carried out a market research study with VendConsulting, Nürnberg and an architectural study with Space4 Architects, Stuttgart. As part of the feasibility study conducted by Cultural Innovations, we reviewed the use of the historic baths in Nürnberg as the location for the museum.

The Museum of Arab Culture intends to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding of diverse Arab cultures.  We worked closely with the client team to develop a body of research that will inform the future positioning, public offer and operations for the proposed museum.

Museum of Arab Culture Nürnberg © Cultural Innovations
Museum of Arab Culture Nürnberg © Cultural Innovations