Living Heritage Centre



Client:          Surabhi Living Heritage Pvt. Ltd.
Location:     Navi Mumbai, India
Timescale:   2010 - 2012

The Living Heritage Centre is designed as a cultural attraction providing an entertaining exploration of “the Land, the People and the Wisdom of India.” The concept was developed by the creative team famous within India for their long running television series, Surabhi, which explored the cultural richness and diversity of India.

The first Living Heritage Centre was designed to be located adjacent to the new ‘Central Park’ of Navi Mumbai. The buildings have been designed to provide LEED rated, environmentally sensitive enclosures that will house the attractions. The external park provides areas for outdoor events and activities.

Cultural Innovations was appointed to provide concept design, strategic advice, functional and operational planning development and to review design development.

Living Heritage Centre © Cultural Innovations
Living Heritage Centre © Cultural Innovations