Children’s Interactive Museum

Client:          Henning Larsen Architects
Location:     Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Timescale:   2011 - 2013

The Children’s Interactive Museum will be the first children’s museum in Saudi Arabia. The museum aims to be a fantastical children’s world where skewed scale and meeting the unexpected will feed imaginations. The museum celebrates the enormous curiosity and imaginations unique to children. It offers playful, interactive experiences in which children aged 3-12 years can discover and create stories that develop their sense of wonder, their creativity and an attitude of enquiry about the world around them.

We are commissioned by the museum’s architect, Henning Larsen Architects to develop the content, interpretive planning, exhibition design, cost planning and operations / business planning of the museum. The total exhibition and gallery space is 2,500 sqm.

Children's Interactive Museum