Africa Community Plaza



Client:          Astana Expo 2017 National Company
Location:     Astana, Kazakhstan
Timescale:   2016

In 2017, Kazakhstan hosted an international exposition in the capital city of Astana.  Astana Expo 2017 was dedicated to the theme of “Future Energy” and at the same time, under the Expo’s subtitle “Solutions for tackling humankind’s greatest challenge” there was a clear objective to explore strategies, programmes and technologies aimed at sustainable energy development; promote energy security and efficiency; encourage the use of renewable energy and help guide visitors to look at energy from a common, global viewpoint that takes into account the challenges and concerns facing humanity, while at the same time recognising the need to boost economic and social development throughout the world.

Cultural Innovations was appointed, on a design and build basis with Beck Interiors, to design the Africa Community Plaza, on behalf of the Astana Expo 2017 National Company.

Our design concept for the Africa Plaza took visitors through dramatic theatrical environments that showcased pioneering initiatives in sustainability and future energy while celebrating the continent’s diverse, vibrant cultures and extraordinary natural environments. The pavilion had space to host exhibitions for up to 21 individual countries. 

Astana Expo 2017 hosted more than 135,000 m² of international pavilions, four themed pavilions, a major entertainment complex and conference centre alongside hotel and residential areas. Throughout its 93 day run, it hosted a spectacular festival programme that highlighted the diversity of all the participating nations. 

Africa Community Plaza EXPO 2017 Astana © Cultural Innovations
Africa Community Plaza EXPO 2017 Astana © Cultural Innovations