Addiriyah Arts Centre



Client:          Arriyadh Development Authority
Location:     Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Timescale:   2013

The Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) is responsible for the development programme for historic Addiriyah – on completion of these projects, Addiriyah will become a model of cultural tourism enhancing the social, cultural and economic status of Riyadh and the region.  The Arts Centre and Gallery is one aspect of the overall programme.  Addiriyah is a settlement located on Wadi Hanifah to the northwest of Arriyadh.  The Historical Precinct of Addiriyah is one of the most important national heritage sites of Saudi Arabia, being the capital of the first Saudi State.  The development programme has witnessed the UNESCO listing of Atturaif in Addiriyah as a World Heritage Site.

In 2013, the ADA appointed Cultural Innovations to undertake a feasibility study and scoping exercise to review and establish the potential for an arts related development located in the Addiriyah district of Riyadh.  It was envisaged that the addition of an arts based cultural attraction to the already planned cultural heritage facilities, would further enhance the appeal of Addiriyah as a major leisure destination in the Kingdom.

Through Cultural Innovations’s experience of working in the region, our contacts with arts practitioners and local research, we were able to recommend a more developed and visionary arts focussed facility than originally envisaged.  These recommendations were received positively by the ADA, who are now moving forward with the development of the Arts Centre and Gallery.  This will provide much needed creative space for the growing arts movement in Saudi Arabia and in particular the younger, contemporary artist communities now beginning to flourish throughout the Kingdom. 

Addiriyah Arts Centre © Studio Schiattarella
Addiriyah Arts Centre © Studio Schiattarella
Addiriyah Arts Centre © Studio Schiattarella